Tumax DSL886AFZ
Make: Tumax
Web site: Tumax DSL886AFZ
Manual: PDF

Relative Power @ 50mm1: 1.0×
Relative Coverage2: 0.91×

Key Features: Tilt reflector with manual zoom and AF assist beam. (No swivel — that's the DSL98 series.)

Reasons to Buy: Simple interface, low cost.

Notable Drawbacks: Very simple.


This flash is not currently available at large online stores in the US.

This flash has almost no features, and those it does have are very basic. You want zoom? You physically move the reflector. Simplicity can be a strength, and this flash seems like a very strong contender vs. the Pentax AF200FG. Unlike other Tumax flashes, I have seen few complaints about reliability, but the sample size may just be too small. See also the Metz 36 AF-5.

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