Pentax AF360FGZ
Make: Pentax
Web site: AF360FGZ Flash
Manual: PDF

Relative Power @ 50mm1: 1.0×
Relative Coverage2: 1.0×

Key Features: tilt/zoom reflector, wireless, HSS, rear-curtain sync, manual and thyristor modes.

Reasons to Buy: Cheapest P-TTL wireless slave. Good in P-TTL mode and capable of fallback to other modes.

Notable Drawbacks: Can't swivel for portrait-orientation bounce. Forgets settings on power-save.


This is Pentax's mid-range flash. The head doesn't swivel, which is a deal-breaker for some but may not matter to you. For example, if you're going to use it off-camera anyway, that's much less important. As with the big-sibling model AF540FGZ, many settings reset to their default on power off (even automatic power-save), which may be frustrating if you tend to use manual settings or exposure compensation. On the other hand, when you turn it on, you always know the state.

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Flash Power


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