Pentax AF200FG
Make: Pentax
Web site: AF200FG Flash
Manual: PDF

Relative Power @ 50mm1: 0.44×
Relative Coverage2: 0.41×

Key Features: P-TTL or basic full-power manual mode.

Reasons to Buy: Cheapest Pentax-branded model.

Notable Drawbacks: No bounce ability. No zoom. No advanced features. Lacking many basic features too.


This is Pentax's entry-level model, bundled with the K2000 camera kit in the US. It provides about three times the power of the built-in flash, but doesn't have many other advantages — not even a focus-assist light. And while it is compact and lightweight overall, the flash power per gram (or ounce) is relatively poor. Since the K2000 bundle is the most-common way to find that camera in the US, if you're interested in adding this flash to an existing system, you may be best served by finding someone who bought that kit but wants to upgrade to a flash with more features.

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Flash Power


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