Official Pentax Models

Pentax currently makes three hot shoe flash models:

  • AF200FG — a basic model with no advanced features; offers a little over three times the power of the built-in flash on the K10D or K2000/K-m, and about double that on the K20D, K200D, or new K-7. In the US, this flash is bundled in a kit with the K2000.
  • AF360FGZ — a much nicer flash available at a good price. Many advanced features; the most notable lack is a swivel head for bouncing from the ceiling in portrait orientation.
  • AF540FGZ — Pentax's top of the line model. Big and powerful, with the ability to connect an external power source for faster refresh times.

Pentax also makes a P-TTL ring flash for close-up work, the AF160FC. This is worth mentioning as part of the Pentax system, but since it's a specialty item it isn't covered on this site.

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