Pentax K10D / K2000 / K-x / K-r Built-In Flash
Relative Power @ 50mm1: 0.13×
Relative Coverage2: 0.13×

Current Cameras: none

Older Cameras: K-r, K-x, K2000 (a.k.a. K-m), K10D, K100D, K100D Super, all *ist D models.


This is the built-in popup flash for the K10D and all older models, and on some entry level models released after that, including the K-r. The field of view covers 18mm for APS-C, which is equivalent to 28mm in the 35mm full-frame terms usually used in discussing flash zoom. Note that some cameras used a sensor with a base ISO of 200, and for those the guide number is given as 15.6m. That converts to 11m at ISO 100, so it's really the same thing.

More about the K10 / K2000 / K-x / K-r built-in flash can be found on these pages:


Flash Power


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