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This site was written by and is maintained by me, Matthew Miller. I'm an amateur photographer, and I mostly take pictures of my family. In the dark winters of Boston, a flash is very necessary. I personally use a Metz 48 AF-1 on (or mostly, off, with wireless P-TTL) my K-7.

If you have a flash question not covered in this guide, or need clarification, please post in's accessories forum, or on the Photography site @ StackExchange — I'll try to respond there, and if I'm busy someone else will probably provide help before I can. (And it may well be better help — while I've put a lot of effort into gathering information for this site and organizing it into a helpful presentation, there are plenty of people with more flash expertise than I have. And I have a day job.)

If you have corrections or additions for this guide, or want to contact me for any other (non-spam!) reason, please send a quick comment or get my e-mail address.

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