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Editorial Disclaimer

I own and really like the Metz 48 AF-1. However, I've made every attempt to keep everything in this guide as neutral as possible.

Most links within the guide itself are entirely selected for their content. Particularly, there are no camera store affiliate IDs or anything that would benefit me except where clearly identified — if there's an off-site hyperlink, it's because it's informative. However, if you would like to show a token of support, please make your purchases at B&H Photo, Adorama, or Amazon through the affiliate links below or in the sidebar.

In the unlikely event that this reaches a meaningful amount of income, the goal is to buy another P-TTL–compatible flash (hopefully one of the high-end models), which seems an appropriate use as it will not only benefit me but serve to improve this article further.

If this ends up being more popular than expected, I'll buy a flash meter and conduct actual tests rather than relying on supplied data.

If I make more money than that, I will buy a flying pig.

B&H and Adorama

For some reason, a huge percentage of camera stores online are scams. B&H Photo-Video and Adorama are at the top of the short list of photo-gear outfits that you can trust.


And of course you really can't go wrong with Amazon, although your experience may be a bit more impersonal. I've selected all of P-TTL flashes available and put them into one place for your convenience. Of course, any non-flash item you buy through the store is helpful too.

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